SM House, Mexico

SM House / Quesnel arquitectos


The proposal consists of a single-family house surrounded by nature. The project is on the north side of the city of Mérida, in an emerging context that is being activated by single-family houses, multi-family apartments, and commercial facilities. The total surface of the plot was divided in two, using one part for the house and the other one for a future project of the family. Both proposals will be connected through a terrace on the south side of the property.

The dwelling activities required by the users were organized according to the relation between them and the level of privacy that each one demands, as well as by the climate of the site. The program is arranged in three volumes facing north to allow natural cross ventilation to regulate the interior temperature. The openings were defined by the sun’s trajectory aiming towards providing interior spaces with natural indirect lighting.

The volumes respond to the activities developed inside of them and are connected with the gardens. The central volume hosts the collective activities and articulates all the interior spaces through a double-height that generates two outdoor terraces, one in the ground floor and one in the upper floor. The central volume opens itself towards the back garden and allows physical and visual connections between the public interior and exterior spaces.

Private activities are developed in the solid elements with specific openings that regulate the interaction with the different areas of the house. A sequence of courtyards on the ground floor connects private spaces with nature. Materials are a narrative of the activities that are carried out inside. The stone and concrete surfaces wrap the spaces that require privacy and glass allows visual connections between the volumes and their surroundings.


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