Maria Cavali

Maria Cavali 


Photography has been always my passion and my biggest endless dream. Why endless, because every year I dare to dream more and reach a little higher and I know that it's all possible, just have to keep on going.

I started photographing when I was 16, everybody remembers me carrying funny old film camera, I have about 20 albums with images from crazy teen parties in post Soviet Lithuania, where I grew up/ Crashed cars, ecstasy parties, wooden lake houses and Russian sauna's, road trips and many things I wouldn't do now. My environment was not always perfect, the situations were not always comfortable, but I made them perfect by looking through them via my lens and framing, presenting and capturing them in a way I wanted them to be. Photograph was my escape, my meditation, biggest blessing in my life. When I take pictures I exist and I forgot the rest of the world, that's what photography mean to me.

I wanted to study photography, but my family wanted me to study political science. Freelance in post-soviet countries didn't exist by then. You was not encouraged to be individual (still not) and professional artist are rare in Lithuania as well, art is usually seen as bohemia type of lifestyle and being a photographer equals being an artist - determined to always be poor and never earn enough money with your "art".

I decided to study photography anyway and took a job in the airlines as an airhostess to be able to support both of my studies and so I did. I have two diplomas by now and some sky high life experiences as well.

Being an airhostess opened my eyes even more and I was no longer stuck in that old fashioned point of view. I have visited at least two different countries a month and went to Amsterdam for my internship in 2009 which changed my life completely.

I have met people that do what they love, I have met artists that live on a canal boats and drive BMW and I realized that professional artist exist and being an artist does not mean leading a bohemian style and not getting anywhere in life, but it equals to having your own little business so called "een man zak" (one man's pocket) in The Netherlands.

I still had no courage to follow my dream and I took a corporate job for Dubai and Monaco office, but I was very unhappy. I felt like my life is passing by and I am just letting it all go.

I quit the job, came back to Europe, went to Burning Man festival, burned all my fears, came to Amsterdam in 2011 and started purchasing my photographers career.

Yes, I have been working 7 days a week and I still do work forever, because I love what I do more than anything.

Last year I started cooperating with another photographer Tim Johannis ( ) and we are starting our company RodsnCones. We are already working with clients such as Tommy Hilfigher, Spar, Shell and others and it seems like more and more doors are opening for us every day.

I have been also working on "Heterochromia - Children of Hags" personal project (video) and I am in a contact with several publishers, preparing manuscript of the book.

I am very excited about being featured in Luxurious Magazine. I would like to encourage more people to follow their dreams, because nothing else really matter.

I always looking for people to be photographed for heterochromia project and a publisher to publish heterochromia book.

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